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    Iora Oriole

    Falling, it was a sensation like no other. That feeling you get when your heart leaps into your throat, the world begins to spin around you like a top, and you just know that when your body meets ground, it’s going to hurt. At least, that’s how it always was for Iora. For the second time in the last few minutes, her body began to drift in and out of consciousness. That sensation of falling was one of the last things she remembered after the bombastic entrance of some kind of wolf creature. Had it come to save them? Claim them for its own? Where did this wolf come from? All she knew, that before it had burst into the room, death had seemed like an all too real fate.

    The faint lurching motion underneath her was one of the first indicators of something different. Solid ground didn’t move like this, well, not unless something terribly wrong was happening. The motion was unsettling and foreign, almost as if she were being carried away by someone. Of course, that was exactly what was happening.

    Again her eyes opened to a world unknown, the previous hope that this was all a horrible nightmare now banished from her thoughts. That odd lurching motion was indeed attributed to herself being carried away. Her body was strewn on the back of a great wolf, if she had to assume, the same one from earlier. Where was it taking her? As it ran, she found it difficult to maintain her balance. Her fingers instinctually grasped at the lush fur that lined its back, her balance now cemented, she weighed her options. Was it better to jump off and make a run for it? Or should she see where this thing wanted to take her? If it wanted to hurt her, it had ample opportunity beforehand. No, if this wolf had truly saved her, it might be best to see what was going on.

    The beast was making its way through the seemingly endless maze of hallways that this hellish place housed. It certainly seemed like there was a sense of urgency about its mission. Iora was positive that she would never have found her way out of here had she been needed to do so on her own. She was along for the ride, until the beast deemed otherwise.

    Her voice still weak, she shifted her body towards the wolf’s ears. “U-uh, excuse me, wolf thing...can I ask what is going on?” She whispered, hopefully loud enough for it to hear her. Did wolves eat birds? People? Bird-people? Iora wasn’t sure, but she wasn’t exactly comforted by the possibility either. “I-if you plan t-to eat me, I don’t think I would taste very good...I mean, I hear I’m spicy, but not in the way you might be hoping...” She joked uncomfortably, an old habit she picked up to cope with nerves. Although she was fairly certain that this creature didn't want to just use her for a snack, one could never be too safe.
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