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Ack! I stop checking for 2 hours and this happens xD
Let's see...

Originally Posted by Reader_Maniac View Post
Well, here it is, a whole day later(give or take a few hours), my SU.
Originally Posted by Nineray View Post
I fixed some things, tweaked others and added more it only took me about 2ish hours fix it. This should explain thing a little bit better than before.
I has sad news of sadness, my friends:

Originally Posted by -Sam View Post
Vato, if it's all the same to you, I'd like to formally pull Willie out. Mostly because the pure lack of gender variety is bothering me for some reason. So could you reserve me for a new SU?

Edit: And a Eevee, please : D. If it's possible to reserve a starter that is.
There's just a lot of dudes already :( If I were to accept you, which I really want to, there would be a total of 7 dudes in the RP (discounting -Sam's character but counting Nate, whom I'll be playing once in a while). So... yeah... If you still want to join, you will have to change the gender and names of 'yer characters, as well as some bits of the SU... I'm sorry for this inconvenience...

As a side note, I will now proceed to pull Willie out, no probs, -Sam, just give me some time to open and then reserve a spot and tell everyone else to stay away from Eevee xD

Originally Posted by Kay11190 View Post
I think I have looked at this long enough and I can't help but want to join. If you don't mind I would like to reserve Aron. I'll do my best to come up with something after reading through the vast amount of sign-ups.
Why sure, just remember, the reservation will last 24 hours :)

Originally Posted by KingKaos View Post
Mission complete! I have officially made all the changes to my character and backstory! Is it finally Kaiser's time to be the hero (Prinny reference).
Well, with that, yet another dude is accepted in the RP xD
I'll update the IC and OOC, so please, be patient :)
You have also unlocked this mission in Hard Mode :P this apparently was the Easy Mode...

Originally Posted by Pokemonmaster_draco View Post
I'll try to make the first post for the IC, we ought to get it started, (not that I'm too excited that I can kill someone rit now). I'll see if by tonight it'll be done :).

Wow! Never thought the sign ups were savagely fighting their way through in this RP. It makes it feel so exhilarating..!
Yeah, too many SUs, and too many dude characters xD

And yay, finally a functional keyboard for my computer! DOO DE LA LA LAH! :D

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