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Relak the Golem

Relak began to catch up. Despite his size and weight Relak’s overall strength let him sprint. The golem’s eyes were locked on the canine creature, and the organic on its back. Due to the difference between the creature he was tailing and the two he encountered Relak had mostly decided this one was not hostile. Until he was free, not necessarily home, Relak kept the odds at ninety two percent chance this creature wouldn’t turn around and attack him, five he would, and three everything would suddenly disintegrate and he’d float around in space. Relak was always a skeptic in his analysis.

The creature on the canine’s back began to come to, and attempted to say something, but Relak could not catch the entire audio. A new question came to mind. What were these other creatures? The others who had been chained with him. What worth did they have? Relak knew he was a one of a kind guardian of his brethren. These others seemed rather weak in comparison.
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