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    A video game based on our RP may not happen.
    Two major issues to why. One Choice of engine and time.

    I would pick RPGmaker XP or VX, though VX is still going under conversion.
    XP is finished and is at 7.0 with features that will either amaze you or shock you like it did me. However, the essentials kit doesn't meet what I need. I need for it to include a mixing or fusion to make medicines among other items for survival and a players health condition. I figured out how to add items, all of the items, pokemon, among other data is built into the RGGS or Ruby script and it imports, or uses, a text file to where I can add pokemon, remove them, add items, TM moves and so on. Players Health is sort of important since this is a survival RP, though I can't figure out how to make RMXP react when an item gets used and how to make events affect the players health when a script is called.

    The other problem is using a dif engine or making a mod. I have no other programming experiences except with a little java so far and I can't really do much.
    We won't be seeing an E&S game unless I find someone who can understand Ruby and help sort the mess out.

    Also, @ Geiger, go ahead and remove it if its becoming a problem for you man. Just wanted to know if you still around or not.