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Ugh really guys, again? Twice in two days we've had to bring H-staff in to clean up the mess. Get it together, Tyrone.

Originally Posted by AChipOffTheOldBrock
Just felt the need to point out that no one was at all concerned with my religious beliefs they just bashed me for not liking homosexuals
Nobody 'bashed' you for this. I called you out on a hatred that you admitted was baseless. I wasn't bashing you for not liking homosexuals, I was simply pointing out that it's silly to hate something without a reason. Which, by the way, it is.

Originally Posted by Toujours
I think Andy likes it more debate-y but I kinda wish it was a place where people questioning religion could come and discuss their feelings, that kind of thing.
Not true. When the club began it was intended just as you described... but the Other Clubs rules state that you're not allowed to prevent anybody from joining a group, which is tricky in the case of an Atheist club. I've always welcomed religious people to come in and discuss with us because the inclusive nature of the clubs forum says I have to. I welcome discussion but I don't like it being debatey; it just inevitably becomes that way and once the spiral starts there's little I can do to stop it.

Again, I welcome the religious people to come here and talk with us, but I disagree with the way that it's often done... with an "I've come to put you in your place" attitude. As though it's a matter of Holy duty and public service.

Originally Posted by Scarf
Wasn't there a club for Christians a while back? What happened with that?
It's currently in the great clubs heaven in the sky. It died out of lack of interest.
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