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Originally posted by AlexOzzyCake
Hello, welcome to the club! :D I'm glad to see someone else that loves Poison types, people aren't being passionate enough about them these days! D: And I fully agree with what you said about their "surprise factor" traits, that's the main reason I love using them too <3 So what made you choose Muk as your partner? It's one of my all-time favourite Pokémon so good choice! Hope you have fun here :D I'm curious about your Poison specialist team though, care to explain why you chose those Pokémon? c:
Wow thanks! Well uhh Muk is my favorite poison type for a few reasons; It was the first one i stopped to catch in fire red and it did so well, especially in the E4. Secondly I like the sort of tranquil quality of muk seing as they are extreemly poisonous and hazardous to evrything around them, they choose to willingly keep their toxicity under control as to not be a menace to everything around them. Lastly I love its portyrayal in the anime as shown in its unique battling style and how hes mostly immune to physical attacks (ash's muk vs bellspout/scizor/blastoise), not only that but how he went from a big and macho leader of grimers to a big pal to everyone once he was caught. Thats how i envisioned my Muk and I would be, except on a greater scale.

*ahem* Well, as for my team its really a modified version of my actual competitive mono poison team to add in a couple of my more favored poison types such as Muk(and drapion). In their places would be ammongus and weezing, although both Muk and Drapion are completely and very much so viable its alot harder to bring out their full power theese days every new gen. Anyway scolipede is a a very fast lead that uses swords dance and fires off giganticearthquakes and megahorns even further boosted by swarm(also protected by focus sash). He can baton pass boosts to any physical attacker teammate if need. Amoongus and Weezing are excellent defensive beasts that can take many hits and subdue potential threats with their disruptive abillities. Gengar, the bread on butter pokemon of the team can come in and elimate alot of things that could cause trouble via sheer power or a destiny bond(suprise factor). Drapion is for those pesky psychic types. Muk's role would be a mid game supporter and sporting the powerful Gunk Shot and a supporting last ditch move in Memento(suprise factor) or he can go the curse set and attempt to sweep(sorta). I'm also lovin that buff Muk got in Minimize increasing evasion now TWO stages!