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    Hi guys, My name's Tommy I am a lover of the ghost type.i'm 25, been playing pokemon since red/blue days. i love pokemon it always makes me smile hahaha. i'm getting dissapoint with the new designs and names of pokemon but after 15 years of games its bound to happen, lets hope gen 6 [if they do it] will not be overdesigned or have yet another rubbish bag pokemon... i nearly stopped playing when they announced trubbish... but hey ho no point looking at bad points right its about the thrill of pokemon adventures right? collecting gym badges nd defeating the evil team of the gen its fun. xxx anyway im ranting hahahaha.

    mm anything else i can say umm yes so yeah im 25, i study fashion part time, i love anything korean pop music wise [name drop time] 2NE1/WONDER GIRLS/PSY yes i did say psy hes great when you get past gangnam style..

    i love men haha i am currently in an amazing relationship my boyfriend is the best. xxx

    If pokemon was real i would most likely start my journey with a ghastly :D or failing that a scyther.
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