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Originally Posted by Ice Car View Post
I just don't see any purpose for it. Is it just there to make you feel good about yourself? I can't see any use for it apart from that and that it may affect post content.
I understand your perspective, but I think you're missing the idea a little bit. The way I envision it is that post likes are not too different from a regular post. On PC we have rules for minimum character/word limits in order to stop people from posting things like "I agree" or "lol" or "that's a cool idea" or whatever else that won't particularly contribute to the discussion at hand, but that kind of feedback is still appreciated by your fellow members. In the past you could send them a VM, or send them a post comment. The "Like" button is just a more direct, less verbose way of expressing your appreciation for a post.

As far as letting everyone see who has liked a post, the main reason it's like that now (we're talking about changing it, haven't decided yet) is mostly because of how I personally perceive the Internet to have evolved. It's becoming more and more a social place and especially in a community like PC, what your friends and what other people do does matter. All posts/threads/replies are publicly visible on PC, and like I illustrated above, I imagine "Likes" are just like mini-posts that don't clog up the thread but still allow you to express your appreciation. It doesn't make sense to not let people see who has Liked a post when they could have instead posted a reply that would have been visible.

I hope that makes sense, but if not I'm sorry you're against the feature. :/ The hard truth of the matter is that all websites change and evolve over time and you won't always like those changes, but in this case nobody is forcing you to use the Like button. Just ignore it if you don't think it's useful.
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