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    Aaaaamzaing!! :D Awesome club for my favorite spinoff series!
    Anyone heard of the new 5th gen Mystery dungeon comin out in japan for 3ds?

    Username: CourageHound
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    Partner: Riolu

    Ansering The topic: Well as for myself, when I took the quiz I wanted to stay true to the pokemon I was from from the test. So I took it a few times and 2/3 I got bulbasaur so that was that. I had no problom with it cause I like the bulbasaur line anyway. As for my parner...I wanted a team mate of which I thought we could support eachother most effectively and also what I thought we would be able to have good time together as the pokemon we were. After a good 10 min I gave up and picked riolu because hes purty cool and I like Lucario's line.