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    Originally Posted by Razor Leaf View Post
    Honestly, the concept of a TV license always seemed pretty normal to me. You pay for your home phone, your internet, your mobile phone, your electricity, your gas, your house, your car insurance, your water, etc. Basically any useful resource other than the radio. I never saw why it should be any different with TVs.
    I guess maybe because I've had it free for so long that it's silly. Like, this is a stretch but, you sleep in your bed every night and it's always been free until the government deciders that you must pay for use of your own bed.
    I know I pay for phone services but you can't really have an advert mid-conversation.

    Originally Posted by Toujours View Post
    I don't get channels dedicated to advertising. Like, I don't understand. Who watches that?
    Sometimes I flick over to it when I'm with a girl and the current program is far too interesting.

    Originally Posted by Captain Fabio View Post
    I do still buy CDs of bands that I really like, just to do my bit for them, because I feel guilty if I were to download.
    I buy CD's also, I feel that if I wish to pursue a career in the industry I may as well contribute to it, otherwise I'll be out of a job hah.