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    Originally Posted by NecrumWarrior View Post
    Also, why is Rotom considered Legendary? That doesn't make sense to me.
    Maybe due to its rarity?

    Anyways, I've got an idea for the club!

    How about if we have a league system here? This IS a battling club, so why don't we have such a thing? And maybe add a discussion topic that changes every time (much like many other clubs), to boost up the club. Maybe on anything that would refer to battles, or Pokemon that are chosen, or items...those stuff that relate to battles. link with the league system, a similar-to-Ribbon Syndicate system...earning stuff from your LPs (League Points). And when I said similar-to-Ribbon Syndicate, I mean that these stuff are completely only for merit. Or if not, just use them like Game Corner Coins...use them to trade for stuff, like Pokemon, items, and such. And another about a tournament that comes up in certain times? Again, the reason I put this up is that because this IS a battling club. Maybe with prizes and stuff...but for the type of tournament, should we do it points style (the one where it's similar to a soccer league's technique...Is this what's called the round-robin tournament?)...or should we do it with a bracket, like the PWT? Well, that would be left to the creator/co-creator. And I do know that these ideas might just be rejected, but I'm just saying, this might just be a great idea.
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