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Yeah I laughed today at a couple of things:

Kura: It was hard
to like
work with a cheap wig
and like
make the part stand up like that
Kura 10:05 AM
it is done and set and even if you sat on it, it's not gonna lose it's hold
so I am like \o/
Anders 10:06 AM
bring it in,ill try
sitting on it that is
Kura 10:06 AM
sure I can bring it in tomorrow
and you can try sitting on it if you want
Anders 10:06 AM
its been a while since i sat on some hair
wait what
Kura 10:06 AM
I didnt know you were into that, Anders
Anders 10:07 AM
was more referring to my own
used to be long enough to sit on


I masking taped the seal
And then wrapped around to make a pretty cross
me: :3 that is good
that is what I do
Will: In otherwords, just wrapped a **** ton of masking tape around it XD
me: actually when I wrap christmas presents
my brother especially
gets so pissed
he says it's like
one time
I wrappedf a poster for him
took him like
15 mins to get it out
Will: Haha
That is like me
me: cause I wrapped it so tightly and perfectly
Will: So funny to watch excited people squrm! >:3


Kura 12:19 PM
too late
your chair
has been taken over
Ben Lane 12:19 PM
I forgot
Kura 12:20 PM
too late
you're crying on the inside
Ben Lane 12:20 PM
it's all I can do to keep it on the inside

And today when I was giving someone advice at work for a laugh:
What would Gordon Ramsay do? Hahahaha!
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