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    Originally Posted by Zayphora View Post
    I agree with you, Snow on Mt Silver is definitely one of the most descriptive and believeable ones. Most of the Violet/Ava's are LAME. They are completely unrealistic... another good one to read is Loss of Purpose...that one is kind of depressing, though...but if you like Snow on Mt Silver you'll probably like it.

    Alright, I was thinking about this recently, but WHY THE HECK ARE ALL THE CREEPYPASTAS ABOUT 1ST, 2ND, OR (rarely) 5TH GEN?! I mean, 4th and 3rd could use some love xP
    I mean, don't get me wrong, I love Red, and the classic Lost Silver/Creepy Black/Glitchy Red/etc is pretty great, but I feel like 3rd through 5th gen gets frequently neglected. Seriously. I was thinking about the Internet's "profiles" of the Protags based on Creepypastas and the like, and this is what I came up with-

    Red- Often portrayed as a deadly silent demon child who preys on Gold and other characters; also, typically, if a character is going to go sentient in a game, it's him. Sometimes is simply the unfortunate hero. TONS of fanart.

    Gold- Typically "that kid from Lost Silver who got his arms ripped off" or the prey of another Ghost, Red, etc.

    Kris, Lyra, Leaf- Barely used except sometimes as Ghost bait or a protag.

    Brendan, May, Lucas, and Dawn--nothing. NOTHING.

    Hilbert, aka Black- Rarely seen unless he's the hero. His other personality is also rarely featured, even though he attracts plenty of fanart.

    Hilda, aka White- Even less featured, but will occasionally make a cameo.

    What the heck?!
    Mmm, yeah, I would like to see some 3rd/4th gen creepypastas. I mean, 3rd Gen did introduce Banette, which IMO has one of the most interesting Pokedex entries I've ever seen (a Pokemon that used to be an old doll, and haunts the one who abandoned it). And 4th gen has the Old Chateau, which has a really creepy vibe to it (and the music still gives me the chills). 4th Gen also has Giratina and the Distortion World, which I feel was pretty dark, especially in Platnium.
    It's just a shame that the 4th gen games didn't do more with the Old Chateau.

    Gen 5 has that weird girl on Marvelous Bridge that disappears as you approach her. For a long while I didn't know what was up with her or why she disappears (until I remembered that an old lady tells you that a girl and her Abra used to live in the area long ago).
    But I've been playing White 2, and I visited that Strange House near Lentimas Town. Not nearly as dark or creepy as the Old Chateau, which is a shame. It does give a bit more insight into that ghost girl though.

    As for the new topic, no I've never believed a creepypasta. But the Lavender Town music one came fairly close. If I had heard the original Lavender Town music when I was younger I might have believed the creepy pasta.
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