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    Originally Posted by PkMnTrainer Yellow View Post
    Alright... Holy moly. Chaos just like, erupted there all over the place. I wasn't even expecting anyone to control the haxorus wielder.

    IceFyr, Khawill? You're leaving us in the dust. If you're going to join our group, you've got to give us a chance to post. I mean, seriously! You're not giving our characters a chance to /do/ anything! Don't you think anyone might have any objections to your character's actions? That maybe they wouldn't appreciate a random stranger waltzing up and stealing the pokespirit prize right in front of them??

    I mean it's not as if they can't tell she's absorbing it! There's no option of stealth there, if for no other reason than the fact that the pokespirits inside these people's heads would easily be able to warn them that that is in fact what's happening.
    Originally Posted by TornZero View Post
    Frankly, you still sound disrespectful, and not just to Yellow. The way you're speaking makes it look like you're trying to pin the blame of all the in-character events on IceFyr, when any one player character simply interacting with another for not even two posts can drastically change what happens next with either. This is to say, of course, that you're at just as much fault.

    Along with this, you can control your posting speed. It makes no excuse for anything.

    Anyways, since IceFyr had deleted his last two IC posts, you're going to have to take care of your own as well.
    Originally Posted by PkMnTrainer Yellow View Post
    @Machomuu: There is a supernatural pull in the mind of an eligible child that compels them to travel to Mt. Coronet. Not a really strong one, but one that's impossible not to notice.

    @PPPGGGR: Basically now. Except I need time to get a post out. :U Maybe I can do one today. If not, probably... tomorrow.
    What the hell did I miss here...?
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