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Hi guys. i would like input about what would be the best defensive pokemon for me. my team i am currently using are in my sig but i need to change it i also need a lead pokemon but im lost im good at making sweepers... is a team full of sweepers good? i have never put much thought into it. i get pokemon i like then smogon search what it should have hahaha im kinda bad at remembering stuff as well when it comes to type advantages/disavantages i only know basics really

i guess i should tell you about my current team.

All my team are lv.100

Drifblim female Naive nature/aftermath/ flying gem [item]
252 hp ev/ 4 sp a ev/ 252 speed ev.
calm mind
shadow ball

Hydreigon female modest nature/levitate/leftovers
252 hp ev/ 252 SP atk ev/ 4 speed ev
draco meteor
dragon pulse

Archeops male jolly nature/ defeatist/brightpowder
252 atk ev/4 sp def ev/ 252 speed ev
rock slide
dragon claw

Metagross adamant nature/ clear body/life orb
252 atk ev/252 hp ev/ 4 speed ev
hammer arm
meteor mash
bullet punch

Keldeo[event] gentle nature/justified/focus sash
252 sp atk ev/ 4 hp ev/ 252 speed ev
hydro pump
secret sword
stone edge

Lucario adamant nature/ inner focus/lum berry
252 atk ev/ 4 hp ev/ 252 speed ev
shadow claw
close combat
swords dance

its not the perfect set up but im not doing online battles yet. i will do that on black 2 when i buy it tomorrow [after training as well] :D so yes i would like any advice for a defensive pokemon i was thinking nasty plot togekiss, and also any ghost types that can be used as a decent status changer would be good to spoilt for choice and cannot decide
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