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Originally Posted by Kotowari View Post
Welcome to the club Hamako-chan. : >
Strategy to beat Demise
Spam the Skyward Strike when he raises his sword

I'm playing the hero mode in Skyward Sword now... and for some reason I can't beat most bosses in one try. I have to try really hard and I GO quite soon. But on the second try, I beat them with ease, loosing barely any health at all. :V While doing the exact same thing as before.

If you mean this video, I'm afraid I'm going to have to disappoint you. I have indeed seen the video before, when the poll was made to decide MM or aLttP. As far as I remember, this was a fanmade trailer. It would have been odd they could show this in the poll when there would already be a trailer, no?

Oh, lol, you and your glitch pictures. |D
But I agree, Lake Hylia and Hyrule field are amazing places. I loved riding Epona through Hyrule field in TP. The music that goes with it is just brillant.

My favourite places, however, differ a little.
For Twilight Princess it's Snowpeak Mountain

Besides being a fan of anything mountainous (I love them |3), I think the atmosphere of Snowpeak has something magical. I love the music. It's seemingly so simple, yet it perfectly manages to capture the eery, desolate, cold feeling that radiates from the snow-covered slopes of Hyrule's northern mountain chain. And besides that, it still has an undertone of beauty.
Snowpeak Mountain also houses my favourite (TP) monsters: the White Wolfos. They're graceful and deadly. Playful and mysterious. I don't see them as real monsters, but mostly a pack trying to protect their habitat. I would have loved to see a minigame involving them. There aren't many minigames you can do as a Wolf, and a racing game against the Wolfos would have been perfect. During one of my play-throughs, I had some fun with two Wolfos who tend to get stuck against the wall (small glitch?) over and over again. They started to live a life of their own in my head.

Also, it holds my favourite Temple in TP. ;3

My second favourite area is the Lanayru province-to-be (let's call it that) in Skyward Sword. I don't like the Lanayru Mining Facility very much (the music drives me crazy XD; ) but I love the environment. I love the concept of the passing of time, the integration of past, present and future.

I love running around the desert trying to find new treasures. And I like the music as well. I think it catches teh mood of passing of time perfectly.


Demise was pretty easy the first time I fought him, though I did have to use up a few potions. I completely forgot I had a shield and didn't shield bash his attacks back...
I haven't played through all of Hero mode yet. I accidently deleted my Hero mode save file, and so I had to start all over again.

Yeah, I know the trailer was fanmade, though you have to admit that for a moment you wish it weren't (but that could just be me really wanting a MM remake). I did find it odd that the fanmade trailer advertised the remake for Wii-U. Plus the graphics didn't really feel like Nintendo, you know what I mean?

Man I love those glitches :D
I do like Snowpeak in TP. I'm a fan of cold snowy places, and Snowpeak was just so beautiful. The view is just incredible when you stop and have a good look around, especially at the peak. The music was so soft and quiet, and it went well with the atmosphere.
Lanayru province was cool. I liked how much it changes from past to present, from being a lovely green area to a vast desert. I liked the Sand sea as well for the same reasons, plus that whole level had a real Wind Waker vibe to it.

If I may add to my answer- Another area that I love is The sky in SS. It's pretty much Hyrule Field in the sky, but I absolutely love it. The view is just spectacular, and the music works so well. It really captures the mood of flying through the vastness of the sky. Riding my Loftwing through the clouds is so much fun, travelling from island to island. And then jumping off and sky-diving... it's all just so amazing.
And trolling Groose in the Wing Ceremony is fun too! XD

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