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Squirtle 34%
Charmander 33%
Bulbasaur 33%
I feel all the Kanto starters are great and all equal in terms of overall usefulness throughout the game. Squirtle holds the slight edge, because it was my first.
Cyndaquil 25%
Chikorita 25%
Totodile 50%
Just my opinion. Totodile is balanced and crunch helps with Morty's gym.
Torchic 50%
Mudkip 25 %
Treecko 25%
It would be an even 50-50 if we were talking Ruby and Sapphire, but because of Emerald and wallace as champ, Treecko becomes very useful in emerald.
Piplup 50%
Chimchar 40%
Turtwig 10%
The 10% is all based on design. Not a great generation of starters. I would prefer not to use any of them really.
Oshawott 80%
Snivy 20%
Tepig 0%
Another just ok generation of starters. Serperior is the best looking starter evolution ever, but a terrible pokemon. Oshawott line is awesome, but the Tepig line is a huge fail for GF, IMO.