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    There are some aspects that are good then and some that are good now. For instance, back then, all fire, ice, electric, psychic, dark, grass, water, bug, and dragon attacks were considered special attacks, so to have Alakazam to know Fire Punch, Ice Punch, or Thunderpunch was pretty ideal, whereas today those attacks would barely do anything since the Diamond/Pearl series implemented the idea of physical and special attacks would depend on the move itself and not the type, thus those three moves would do little damage due to Alakazam's weak physical strength; which also brings me to good side of it. For instance, Ghost type attacks were considered to be physical attacks, which was retarded but they had to find a balance somewhere, and by that I mean there were 9 special attack types already so they threw ghost in with the physical attack types to make it 8 total. But anyway, Gengar is also a Pokemon with high special attack and low attack, so in the second and third gens, its Shadow Ball attack really didn't do much as one would have hoped, but now with Shadow ball being labeled as a special attack, Gengar can finally take charge with its speed and special attack power, knocking out many enemies with Shadow Ball.
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