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    Originally Posted by denash1 View Post
    U dont know how happy i am that u attempted to play through the game... at the battle fronttier (after u get of the ship in that part) there are i think 2 trainers... have u tried beating them yet? they are insaine! (one of them got pokemon i like.. he got my username..)

    The reason the fire gym got a grass type pokemon is to make sure it stays hard, because if for example you would have a water type normally you would run through the trainer.. thats why he got a plant pokemon etc...

    The movesets i will look at it again.. sry if u though the move sets were aweful!
    Yea I beat the 2 trainers at the frontier. I don't wanna spoil anything... but they both serve as good bosses.

    I quickly picked up while playing the game that you made sure to put a pokemon in a gym leader's team to counter whatever pokemon the gym's theme is weak to. Made the game harder for sure, but still doesn't make sense lol. I'm not saying redo them; some people may really enjoy that. But personally... there's no reason Flannery would raise a Grass Pokemon. There's no reason Brawly would have a Minun. Personally, I would rather you add something to the moveset to take care of potential counters. For example, you could have just given one of Flannery's fire-types Sunny Day + Solarbeam. You could have given one of Brawly's fighting-types Rock Tomb (or Rock Slide if you wanna make it that much harder) or given them some Dark move.
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