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My work in progress balancing out the sexes.
Name: Kyle Lancaster [Kyletron]
Age: 24
Country: UK

Appearance: With short spiky, brown hair and a square jaw, Kyle is something of a ladies man when it comes to appearance. Standing at 6'3", and a regular gym goer, he was at the top end of SAO's height calibration spectrum - not someone who would usually be put in to the 'gamer' stereotype. Despite muscle mass not counting for much in the virtual world, it was one of the reasons he went for the choice of wielding an impressive greataxe.

Typically, in the real world, Kyle was suited up for work - wearing the most expensive ties and perfectly ironed shirts, however the limited armour and clothing online led him to rethink his image a bit. In Aincrad he equips rough chainmail vests and padded, protective trousers. His first precious loot, a metal belt with no significant bonuses, is his prized possession so far in his adventure.

Personality: Kyle is a reserved man, whilst not particularly a solo-er he prefers working in small groups and with some of his select through online friends. Despite being the muscle of the group, Kyle prefers to think before making rash decisions - especially since the game changing announcement. Often perceiving those fully content with life in Aincrad, Kyle is somewhat a pessimist and finds himself judging their happiness.

Life before SAO: The only way is up, Kyle's official motto, was what drove him in to the business sector. He'd been working in sales since he left school, climbing the infinite ladder of a high rising company in the centre of London. He hadn't always enjoyed the work, in fact most of it was an up hill struggle just to not get fired, however he had finally reached a point in his life where he was happy, content.

His home life was equally prosperous, with a small flat with his fiancée and family just outside the city. He had plenty of time and money to spoil Olivia, which is probably why she put up with his small obsession. Gaming.

The weekends were Kyle and Micah time, it had been that way for years now - whether it was football on the prehistoric xbox or virtual tennis against teams from all over the world. It didn't matter what they played, the pair would always enjoy their break from work after a long week. Saturday was their day, much to Olivia's annoyance.

Current Level: 12
Weapon: Greataxe
Non-Combat Skills: Speed, Taming
Summary of first month in Aincrad:
  • Started playing SAO with his online friend, Micah.
  • Before the incident the pair mostly used Aincrad as a place to chat, finding remote locations to hunt together and just generally hang out.
  • Announcement happens just after a dangerous hunting spree (see RP sample).
  • Steadily levelled as a pair, they focused their efforts on foraging special items and metals for forgers. The Dysthaven mines had plenty to offer, and the pair quickly reached the level 10 mark. Between the pair of them they made enough money to buy food and weapons from experienced crafters.
  • Micah ended up joining the Knights of Blood to get a step on the political ladder of Aincrad, meanwhile Kyle travelled alone around Floor 3, travelling to the far-reached corners - solitude.

Roleplay Sample:

The steel weapon felt cold in his hand, the realistic chill putting even more excitement in to the battle. The weight of the axe felt minute as it swung from side to side, the fearful frog monster darting out of reach as Kyle pursued. This monster was easy prey, Kyle had fought many and knew their behaviour patterns well, it was only a matter of time.

"Now!" He cried, pushing the monster back with one last swing. Startled by the noise, the enemy lost its footing - leaving the perfect opening.

The leaves rustled as a scarlet-clad man dropped from the cover, a sharp blade pointed directly at the amphibian as he darted from the treetop. His posturing activated the perfect skill, and with the extra momentum from the programming he zoomed towards his target.

The monster burst in to pixels, its data scattering to respawn at a later date. Micah looked please with himself, investigating their drops.
Frog Spawn
"Don't think that'll fetch much," muttered Kyle, looking over his partner's shoulder, "Maybe we should try and move up a floor."

"Floor 4? They only just managed to clear the boss. I've heard that it's wasteland up there," replied Micah, storing the item in his bag, "I'm sure we'll find some alchemist to buy-...Whoa." The young man stared over Kyle's shoulder, awe and fear.

Slowly, Kyle turned around, his greataxe firmly gripped and ready to do some damage. Stood under a nearby willow tree was the mammoth of all frogs, much taller than either of the warriors. It's green skin shone in the scattered sunlight, sticky mucous covering the beast. It had already noticed them, its yellow eyes fixated on the pair, its limbs twitching and ready to act.

"Maybe we should-" Kyle began, however it was too late for talk now.

Exploding from its position the giant frog monster attacked, darting to the side of Micah before lashing out with a huge extendable tongue. The swordsman had just managed to equip a shield in time, but was still thrown back from the force of the strike - he skidded across the swampy ground, leaving Kyle on the front lines.

Standing tall, Kyle assumed his stance - feet square and axe over shoulder, ready to swing at full force.

A hideous noise erupted from the beasts throat, a sound of anguish and anger as it ran full pelt at the patient axeman. Kyle waited, watching the strides of the monster, calculating its speed and distance, readying himself for the pink tongue to come rushing at him.

Now! He commanded himself, jumping to the side as the impossibly quick tongue darted out, skimming past his armour. With one huge swing he balanced himself, simultaneously chopping the frogs weapon. It dropped to the floor and burst apart, leaving the frog defenseless. With another burst of speed, Kyle was under it, readying one last swing to end the beast and drop it to waste. The frog stood no chance.

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