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I wouldn't say that Pokemon has gotten either better or worse from when it started, but really it's just been evolving with the times. They obviously couldn't stay with the same graphics, the exact same gameplay or even the same Pokemon for the games, because no one would bother buying the new versions. Same with the anime. No one would watch anymore if there hadn't been updates to the locations, Pokemon and even the cast, since the show would just get stale.

Even looking at the designs of Pokemon, you realise that Digital art was basically non-existant when the first Pokemon were created in the mid-90's, so you see a lot of simpler designs like Ditto and Voltorb. When you look at some of the Gen V Pokemon, there are a lot more intricate details on Pokemon, because they can be accurately portrayed in the current games.

I can't say as I always enjoy some of the newer aspects of the game and some of the new Pokemon, but looking back there are some things that I'm surprised I did like and wanted to be left untouched. I think if you are a true fan of the series as a whole, you've got to accept some of the inevitable changes, and grow along with the series as it does.
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