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    I started with Turtwig, (I'm playing Diamond) mainly because of my love for Defensive pokemon, and I could tell Turtwig was one. I kept on playing through the story and found it quite fun. I caught a Zubat at some point in a cave right after leaving Jubilife City, north of town. I beat Roark, and caught a Buizel at some point in the grass near Valley Windworks, and trained all my Pokemon there for a while until they were all in the same level range. I ventured through and I finally reached Veilstone City, where my Pokemon started evolving. Plus, I met my favorite Pokemon ever, Lucario. It was the gym leader's Pokemon, and I got mad when the Pokedex said it was in an unknown area. I just got to Pastoria City, after long training, and i'm battling this Gym Leader named Wake soon. I eventually got about 4 Pokemon while adventuring, and I have almost all of the TM's possible at this time. I was able to go to the Pokemon mansion and find a Pikachu in the Trophy Garden after a while. It took a lot of training to get these levels.

    My party:
    Torterra - LV. 40
    Crobat - LV. 36
    Pikachu - LV. 38
    Floatzel - LV. 35