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I named myself: Lucario (Because I'm crazy about him/her)
My rival: Mew (Lucario and The Mystery of Mew)

My poke'mon:
Lucario: Ghost (I like to think when I die I will become Lucario, so ghost it is!)
Zoroark: Ooze (Something blood does!)
Haxorus: Silver (Silver, my second favorite color!)
Umbreon: Cat (A cat, of course!)
Charizard: Saphira (The dragon's name in the Eragon movie!)
Gengar: Midnight (I think it just matches!)

All of these are my future names. I don't have the game yet, not until Thursday, yet I already know what I want all these names and Poke'mon to be! Comment on my names if you'd like through a private message. You know, that way we don't spam up this thread with comments!

Email me at [email protected] to get my friend code for Y Lets battle!