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I think my character is the youngest of everyone lmao

But yeah...80% of the SU is completed...I just need the RP sample, WHICH I WILL HAVE IT DONE AFTER SPANISH CLASS. :D


Leilani Estefania Juarez Garcia

Nickname: Leila
Age: 17
Country: Mexico
Current Level: 5
Weapon: Daggers
Non-Combat Skills: Cookery, Speed

Appearance ★

Very tall for her age, standing at 5’9, and weighing an average 125 pounds, Leilani is the tallest member of her real life family. Although she doesn’t like to work out, she maintained her weight by dieting. Her skin is as white as snow…but not like Snow White per se, but that would be the first thing a person would think when they meet her for the first time. Leilani has long, black hair…the length down to her bottom, with bangs in front, and always sports a red bow on the back of her head…kinda like Sailor Venus and Sailor Mars combined, but to an extent.

Leilani has eyes of the ocean, or rather, aqua blue eyes. She was described once that her eyes are like the beaches of Cancun. Her eyelashes are always curled up and in no need of any eye makeup whatsoever. In terms of makeup, she has a little blush on each of her cheeks, which makes her smile visible.

Her clothing in SAO varies between casual and armor. When she’s not in battle, she’s wearing a short sleeved kimono dress that’s down to her knees, white with red edges, mistaken as blood. The only exception that’s not red is the beige-colored waist around her. She has flats instead of high heels, for easy walking, and does not wear any jewelry with the exception of pearl earrings.

During combat and battle, she goes from casual to armor. Her hairstyle remains the same. She always wears a red hooded cape, but never puts on the hood. For top, she wears a black, long sleeved turtleneck shirt with a black armor plate covering her chest. She also tends to wear cut-off gloves in order to handle her daggers. She wears a beige-colored belt to hold her sword, and teleportation crystal. And for the bottom, she wears a black pleated “schoolgirl” skirt with horizontal red and white stripes. To finalize her look, she wears knee-high boots with red vines on the side and 2 inch heels to boost her height a little bit.

Her weapon is the dagger. She carries two of them in each side of her waist. Both daggers are silver with a black & gold handle.

Personality ★

People will think Leila is a sweet girl and she isn’t as capable to do any harm, but in all honesty…she will…if you mess with her. Leila is more than willing to do ANYTHING to clear the game. This was her own definition of impatience. She won’t wait to do what she’s told, or wait till things get done. In some circumstances, she’ll be patient, but it is rare. She considers her two daggers her best weapons, and her best blocking items when in battle. Leila is more of a solo player. Having to decline many invitations to join other players’ parties. That’s because she prefers to be alone in Aincrad, as well as she was also alone in the real world. Though, she actually prefers that way. The only people she interacted with was her own family, including her older brother.

She loves to fight, willing to be competitive in her own terms. Training every day and night in order to be her very best. She taught herself to use her daggers the correct way, and how to shield herself with them. Being a new fighter herself, she was able to learn the skills quicker, than with a trainer or with someone else. The training she learned herself gained her large speed ability…which allowed her to run (and attack) at a very fast speed.

Her cooking skills are superior, but not as superior. She learned how to cook from her Abuela, but was able to become an expert in cookery. She uses her daggers to chop meat, vegetables, and much more. Her weapons aren’t just used for fighting, actually.

When being approached, she’ll be quiet and will bring in an aura of fear towards the person approaching her. So basically…it’ll take some time to break the ice with Leila. As she was always alone and didn’t have any outside contact with anyone other than her family. If someone achieves to “kill” her shyness, she can be very talkative, sweet, charming, and intelligent. She can throw in a joke or two in the middle of a sentence sometimes.

Life Before SAO ★

Seventeen year old Leilani is currently a senior in Benito Juarez Preparatory School, located in Mexicali, the capital city of the state of Baja California. She was a solo person, preferring to be all by herself, work on her stuff by herself, and would rather be doing her homework and projects by herself. Doing so, she is at the top five of her class, achieving top awards such as honor roll, Dean’s List, and even received a letter from the President of Mexico. Leilani and her schoolwork are pretty much her best friends.

Outside schoolwork, and school in general, she developed an extraordinary relationship with her large family. She is the second child of the family, having an older brother, who is a 19 year old university student, and three younger middle school sisters, 11, 12, and 14. Her mother is a doctor and her father is an Economics University professor. Her Grandmother, commonly referred as her “Abuelita” lives with the family, and Leilani received her extreme cooking skills from her. Each day, she and Leilani would prepare delicious meals for her family, inviting her aunts, uncles, grandparents, as well as her cousins. They even asked for her recipes, but Leilani always tells everyone “you can go ask my Abuelita for that…as I got the skills from her.”

Leilani wasn’t as much of a gamer in real life. What introduced her to SAO for the first time was her older brother, who played the beta version of the game. As he got caught with university schoolwork, Leilani decided to give the game a try, of course…with her brother’s permission. She was able to create a new avatar, a new person, her new self. And in an instant…she was in love with the game, it made her come out of her shell…a little.

So, throughout the beta of SAO, Leilani and her brother fought constantly for the game, taking turns each time, and her parents couldn’t afford a new Nerve Gear for both. Even though Leilani had schoolwork to deal with, Aincrad was her special place to be. It became her sanctuary, away from the real world. Before the worldwide release of the game, Leilani got a part-time job as a waitress at the local sandwich shop, raising money to buy the game herself, because her brother couldn’t afford to buy the full version. She finally did on release day, paying a ton of money from several paychecks.

The Brother allowed Leilani to try out the game for herself for the very first time, as he needed to travel outside the country for a few weeks. Transferring her avatar to the actual game, and finally got to enjoy Aincrad to its fullest.

First Month Summary ★

First week: Leila cried for days. She was on the verge to commit suicide along with the other players that fell off the face of Aincrad. She decides to roam around the first floor by herself in search of a purpose. Found a place to live at Starter City for the time being as she continues to maintain her training.

Second week: She was invited to join the Dragon Scarce Guild in Celedonia. As she wanted to be more of a solo player rather than someone in a guild, she wanted to give the guild a try. One night, they encountered a pterodactyl-like monster named Radclo, killing all of the guild members but Leila and one member. She felt that she failed in serving the guild, and felt that it wasn’t for her. She and the lone Dragon Scarce party member got separated, and was never to be seen with each other again.

Third week: Encountered her brother at Dysthaven, Floor 4. Turned out her brother used one of his friend’s copy of the game, and Nerve Gear to try the game himself, and was locked in on time. He is a few levels stronger than her. Leila decided not to partner up with him, because she still wanted to go solo. As she left Floor 4 to return to Starter City, she immediately heard the news that Floor 4 was under attack by a group of giant mites. From that point, she is uncertain whether her brother survived the ambush, or in scary terms, dead.

Fourth week: Continued to level up..but in a slowly and steady pace. She was able to defeat a few flesh-eating monsters with her two sharp daggers, and protecting herself with them. Reaching Level 5, she decided to call Floor 2, Celedonia, her home for training.

Roleplay Sample ★

Days of crying, and days of despair. She wasn’t sure whether to cry more, or just stop.

Leila was scared, she was in fear that something, or someone behind her would eat her up and end her life in a matter of seconds. This wasn’t meant to be her dream game. She never thought that video games would be this dangerous, and wondered why Alvaro, her older brother, would like these type of games so much. At home she would rather be reading books or take strolls outside. She would admit that this was a huge mistake.

Currently in Starter City, her hometown in Aincrad, she laid there on her bed, inside her little loft, smaller than her own room in the real world. Her bed was twin-sized, that barely touched the other side of the wall. The loft had one triangular window with a pink curtain. A wooden bureau stood there beside her bed, and a large candle stood on top, with a little shining fire maneuvering around.

In her casual clothing, Leila got out of bed, and immediately headed out of the loft building. Luckily her loft was just the first one next to the exit door. She saw many people roaming the streets of the city, most of them were men, and children. There were rarely women around, which was weird for her. She rarely talked with anyone outside of her loft. She was primarily a solitary person.

“Leila!” cried a boyish voice from behind. She turned around to find where that voice came from. A young boy with spiked brown hair, blue armor top and black pants and boots ran up to Leila. He was a loftmate from the starter lofts. “Leila, Leila, I can’t take it anymore.”

“What’s the matter, Drew?” Leila said in slight broken English, making it seem like she was British. Her English was still being perfected, despite having taken several rigorous classes back in the real world at school.

“The aura of fear around here. I mean, I really want to get back to the other world. I don’t want to do this anymore!” Drew hesitantly shouted as he grabbed Leila to hug her. Tears fell from his eyes to Leila’s red and white kimono dress.

Leila comforted him. Seeing that he was slight younger than she is, she was as scared as he is. Having to cry for several days and begging for freedom from the world, from Aincrad. She lets go and faces him. “You will be fine. You got to be brave. With the training, you’ll be very strong. I know you’re starting out, but think of this as one of your video games you’re playing.”

“But this doesn’t seem like a game anymore.”

“It is, if you play it right and you follow the rules.” Leila paused for a little and sighed. On the inside she was also scared as Drew. “Look, I as well am scared. But I can’t hide forever. You have to do your part. Like my brother said one time, always fight with honor and dignity.”

Drew smiled, wiping his tears off his eyes, “I really appreciate the lift, Leila. I want the strength to face all the bosses and hopefully reach the top level.” He decides to change the subject a little. “Are you planning on joining a guild?”

“No.” Leila firmly replied, “You go on ahead and join one. I’d rather fight alone.”

“Very well then.” Drew said, “I’ll go to Blues Village to train. I’m gonna see if I can join the top guild! See ya later, Leila!” He waved and walked back away.

“Adios, Drew.” Leila waved back, and sighed…looking down on the ground glancing on her red flat shoes. She walked the other way to find the center quad area of Starter City, where she originally started the first time she entered the world of Aincrad.

...& what's wrong with that?
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