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Yeah, agreed. The strength of Pokemon can't really be based on stats alone, considering some people have been able to take down Cynthia in B/W with Pokemon no higher than level 3 if I remember correctly, so moves can play the deciding role in any battle it seems. Although AI's aren't really likely to see through strategies, so if it was in friend/online matches, skill does decide a lot. Still looking forward to seeing how the Water type Pokemon of the fifth generation are in battle, as I'm only just starting on B2, but from the looks of it, it seems that the fifth generation did bring forth some good Pokemon :p

Oh no, drawing contests. My only weakness D: But seriously, not gonna participate, as I can't even draw stickmen properly :( I'd say an interesting theme would be legendaries, as it's also a bit of a wider category, which includes Pokemon of many different forms, whereas starters is more restricted to small and cute Pokemon.
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