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If a legendary was a starter, it wouldn't really be a legendary at all though. I mean, first of all, a legendary, especially one as strong as Victini, wouldn't really have a place as a starter. I mean, even if certain spin-off's, their powers just exceeds those of starter standards by hfkdsfhdhfkdsfh completely out of the bar. Unless it was Palkia's quest to obtain the power orbs it carries in its shoulders to regain its powers because they were stolen by Cyrus and co., then I just don't think as any kind of starter at all, even though my example didn't really depict it as a starter lol. But yeah, no legendary has a three staged evolutionary line either, so they wouldn't really work as starters either, so I don't really think there should be any legendaries as starters, despite some of the being cute enough to be on :p
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