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My first RP? Yep, let's do this.

Name: Opal Louise

Age: 13 years old

Gender: Female

Appearance: Opal is rather tall for her age; she's lanky and lean while standing at about 5'5" and weighing in at 121 lbs. She's heavily tanned from extensive outdoor play and her cheeks are freckled, though they go unnoticed from her tanned complexion. She has close set green-hazel eyes and thin lips. Her hair is shoulder-blade length and a dull mousy color, although it's bleached a little from the sun. She has no bangs or hairstyle, just hair straight down her neck and back. She dresses a little tomboy-ish; her family is of low-middle income so she wears worn-out sneakers and is comfortable in her brother's old flannel shirts. She wears shorts primarily, and occasionally wears a hand-crafted twine bracelet.

Personality: Opal is curious yet uneducated about what is happening to the world around her; her overbearing elder brother, Todd (22 years old) forbids her from traveling yet she defies him by sneaking out when the Professor summons her. She is at home outside in the country, yet is eager to explore big cities and different towns. Her ignorance may be her vice or her blessing in her travels, as she braces herself for the worst - or what she thinks it is.

Backstory: At the budding age of thirteen, Opal is uncomfortable about everything. Friends, family, boys, and now this whole deal with Team Galactic. Her down-to-earth older brother wants to stay out of as much business as possible, while Opal grows restless hearing about the otherworldly news reaching their quiet neighborhood more and more each day. When their father disappeared on that fateful day Cyrus summoned Dialga and Palkia on Mt. Coronet, their frail mother fell into a crippling depression, abandoning Todd and Opal with nothing more than a note on the kitchen counter. Since then, their Aunt Rhonda has looked after them; yet as she comes from a city thrice the size of their's, she fails to grasp their country manners. She tries her best to help Todd overcome his bitterness towards their mother and help Opal become a graceful young lady rather than the hard-nosed country girl she believes she's turning into.

Starter Pokemon: Trapinch
I can elaborate on any field you want me to, but chances are I'll return to this to add more either tonight or tomorrow early afternoon; I just spent 30-45 minutes on this instead of doing an essay due tomorrow about theology of burritos and their holiness, lol ;o;