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Originally Posted by Lugia_Da_Boss View Post
How do I delete text in Advanced Text without leaving a blank textbox in game where the text used to be?
You can't do that through A-Text alone - You will have to use a script editor to open the script and remove that particular msgbox command entirely.

Originally Posted by xoax View Post
What's the palette offset for this box in the battle screen [in Emerald]?

Also, is there a different way to change the regional Dex in Emerald and Fire Red than changing the National Dex? It makes the descriptions switch up.
No answer for your second question, but you can find the palette at 0xC004E5.

Originally Posted by flaredragon00 View Post
Hello, I have a question about how to edit Egg Moves.

I have Gengar in the Fairy Egg Group now, and I want Clefairy to learn Night Shade as an Egg move.

Thank you for your time.
Hopefully this tool will help you out (If you're using a third gen ROM).

Originally Posted by poisonhearts628 View Post
Alright. First time post here. I am having a few problems but I am pretty sure they are linked to the same cause, I just don't know how to go about fixing it. 1) When you enter cycling road entrance arrows appear between my character. 2) When exiting buildings a portion of my character's head appears at the bottom of the door instead of the arrow. 3) When surfing/flying my character's sprite splits when entering/exiting the surf/fly animation. Any Ideas?
Originally Posted by poisonhearts628 View Post
I am pretty sure my problem is tied into the warp animation. Does anyone know if there is an offset for the animation or something? I am kinda new to this.
Have you checked how those frames look in a OW editor like NSE or Overworld Editor Rebirth?

If you have and they seem fine then somewhere in your editing you've modified the code which tells the game how to load in sprites. Your player sprite's location within the RAM when loaded has been changed somehow, which is resulting in it overwriting other sprites that pop up (which is clearly shown in your second example). You can try to change that part of the code in your ROM to the way it was originally (but I have no idea how to do that), so a more realistic solution is to go back to an earlier backup file which doesn't have those problems if you have one and restart your progress from there.