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    Okay, good, that evens it all out. THIS ROLEPLAY IS NOW FULL.

    It will take place in the Sinnoh Region

    Let us begin

    Steller woke bright and early, had breakfast as usual and fed his Raichu and took it for a walk around the jovial Hearthome City. As he was walking by the Contest Arena, he heard several trainers talking about the upcoming contest. He then walked over to the group of trainers. "Hey guys, what's up?" Steller asked. "Oh, nothing, we were just talking about the upcoming contest." One of the trainers answered. "This one's a big one. It is the first PokeMaster contest ever! The best of the best will compete for one of the greatest awards yet, The PokeMaster Contest Champion." Another trainer explained. "Sound's awesome!" Steller declared. He then went into the contest building to get more info.

    As he exited the building, he had a funny feeling. "Steller!" A voice called out. "W-who's that?!" He asked. "It is I, Arceus." The voice said. Suddenly, there was a blinding light. Steller shielded his eyes. "You must listen to me, for the Pokemon world is in grave danger. An evil foe named Sentor is planning to open the Dimension Gate, shroud the world in darkness and rule the pokemon world." Arceus answered. "How will I stop this...whoever?" Steller asked. "You and seven other trainers are special in my eyes." Arceus said. "You each have what is called, an inner pokemon. You can weild the power of that pokemon within. Once the time is right, your inner pokemon will be at its full potential and you will have power undescribable." Arceus explained. "Wow!" Steller said in awe. "I will go alert the other seven chosen. You must gather all of your things to go on this quest. Once I have directed the other seven to your house and I will discuss the plan f from there." Arceus added. "Okay." Steller said. So he packed up and waited for the other seven trainers to arrive.
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