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Guys, just a reminder:

Originally Posted by AlexOzzyCake View Post
Moderator Note: This club is about the PMD universe (ie the universe in which Pokémon exist without humanity helping each other out and forming societies etc, the universe in which the games are set) and not about the PMD games themselves. Talk about the actual games belongs in the Spinoff Games forum, so please keep it to a minimum whilst discussing the PMD universe here. :)
Most of the discussion here so far has pretty much just been about the games, that's not what the club should be for. Discussions about the games belong in the Spinoff Games section, this club should be for talking about the general PMD universe. We tried to make this as clear as possible before the club was made but perhaps there's some confusion - if this is the case then please don't hesitate to send me or Olli a PM asking for clarification. But if the conversation continues to revolve just around the games then unfortunately the club will have to be closed.

Thanks. :)