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    Delilah Harris

    Harris could hear the demonic laughter that echoed throughout the room, but she didn't listen. There was a huge difference between hearing and listening, after all. However, the words that escaped the man's lips immediately after won her undivided attention. None of them were going to die, but they would continue to be imprisoned. That was ********! Harris would rather die an excruciating death than be captivated by the creature she wanted to kill with her bare hands oh so badly. If he would at least murder her she wouldn't have a problem, but imprisonment was one thing she couldn't tolerate. She raised her head and finally opened her eyes to get a good look at the son of a *****. Right at that moment, Harris heard a howl and she immediately searched for the source.

    It was a Wolfos that had broken into where they were having their lives drained out of them. Harris' eyes then flickered immediately forward and she noticed someone there. Was that… Princess Zelda? Her attention returned to the Wolfos who then absorbed all the Triforce pieces and grew in size. It began to attack the purple bastard and Harris couldn't help but snicker in spite of her ever lingering pain. The Wolfos then ran up a wall and pulled on a lever, causing all the prisoners to drop the distance they had been from the ground. "Look, there's no time for introduction, follow me and you'll live to see another day!" it said in a feminine voice. Harris immediately bent her knees once she neared the ground in order to absorb the force of the fall. Without doing so, she likely would've injured both ankles and she'd be doomed for sure.

    Successfully absorbing the shock, Harris chased after the wolf that was carrying the birdgirl. Surely if she was saving one of the prisoners, she didn't mean to harm the others and so Harris deemed it save to run right behind. The robot thing she had looked at before was also running along near them, eager to escape this place. The birdgirl timidly whispered something to the wolf, but it was too quiet to really understand exactly what it was she was saying.
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