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Name: Krazz
Partner Pokemon: White Kyurem
Why do you want to join?: I want to join because B/W Kyurem are really strong Pokemon and they looks pretty awesome too! I'm also a big fan of B/W2 if that means anything ;P
How active will you be?: Although I will be on PokeCommunity at least every 2-3 days (usually on everyday, except wensday-thursday) I tend to forget about clubs and stop posting, but because I have started to bookmark all the clubs I join, hopefully that wont happen anymore (if I remember to make my rounds!) So yeah, I'll be pretty active, and as a club owner myself, I know how much you value activity in your club ;3
Black Kyurem or White Kyurem?
Ok, so because I just found my DSi a couple days ago I haven't played much of White 2 yet (I just finished the second gym) I haven't been able to use White Kyurem myself, and of course I haven't used Black Kyurem, because I don't have Black2, so I can't say too much for their preformance, although I have heard they are really strong, and have really good moves! So I'm not sure on that category.

As for appearance, I prefer White Kyurem because Black Kyurem looks a bit ugly in my opinion, whereas White Kyurem looks really Bad---. I'm not saying Black Kyurem looks completely ugly, I'm just saying he isn't the most attractive Pokemon out there.
I also think it is kinda cool that they were able to create a Dual-Typed Pokemon with Types that counter eachother (Fire and Ice) so I give White Kyurem coolness kudos (Yep just made that up, all baus like 8D) for that.

So with the information and experience I have now, the bottom line is...White Kyurem Wins.

What kind of Events should we have in the future?
Hmm, a writing contest sounds neat, I'm not too good at writing but I enjoy doing it, and I would love to read some FanLore/FanFics on the B/W Kyurems
*Reads up on the official B/W Kyurem History*

Maybe we could have a B/W Kyurem Swap Event where people can trade their Black Kyurem for White Kyurem or vice versa, ya know, for people who were disappointed in their Kyurem form, or like the other one more, or just because they want to fill up their PokeDex!

Idk if it should be an official topic, but, quick question/comment, it seems like they made the Kyurem forms less ugly. Maybe they made em' less ugly because so many people complained? Or is it just my imagination? Not that I'm complaining, just, I'm curious, hmm....