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    Originally Posted by Aaryn View Post
    when i started the club I was 16, we talked about shiny hunting between some forum memebers, if I recall correctly though, appart from the founders, MetalMario, Latios Master and Lady Demonica where also pretty involved. the idea of making the club was ryan's idea though. I think I was the official founder out of luck really. But it was really the way we became friends here. I felt they were real friends, I enjoyed every conversation I had with these guys and gals.

    It started with ruby and sapphire, and some time later my life went into a spiral of pain and distress(lol, how dramatic). My grandpa fell sick and died, and so did my grandma (Alzheimer). One of my uncles suffered a sudden heart attack and died while he was shaving and another uncle of mine died of lung cancer earlier this year. I've experienced some tough stuff really.
    I wasn't involved much before last year. I wish I was, though.

    I'm sorry to hear about your relatives. I lost both of my grandmas in the past decade.

    Congrats on the shiny Foongus, Le Krome!

    I think G-Money's comment about B/W2's story was directed at me. I'm sorry if I revealed too much. I will limit what I say about the new games.

    I read that the Shining Charm requirements don't include event-only legendaries. Does anyone know if that is just the 5th gen legendaries or all of them from the past? I don't have a Darkrai, Shaymin, or Mew (I do in Silver and Crystal), so hopefully I won't need them. I also don't have Phione or Manaphy, so I don't know if I would need them or not.

    I finished the stuff in Nimbasa City today. I've encountered over 800 wild Pokémon so far.
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