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    Ryan, done observing the wreckage, began walking back to the main hub of campus. He had seen that the school had a hand to hand training class, and had decided to take it. He walked into the classroom, and looked around the room. There were various styles of punching bags, and a section of workout equipment. Ryan decided to find the instructed before doing anything. He wandered around for a short time, and was soon stopped by a short, muscular man, who looked like he was in his mid-thirties.

    "What are ya over here for? You know the routine! Warm ups first! Get going!" He yelled in a gruff voice. Ryan guessed that he was a retired army seargent. He had the general attitude, and the loud voice to match it.

    "Excuse me sir, but this is my first time in this building. Perhaps you can show me the routine?" Ryan said. He was taller than the instructor, but Ryan knew that he was horribly outmatched.

    "Not often we have fresh meat! Cawlin! Front and center!" The seargent yelled accross the gym. A tall, lean student soon appeared from within.

    "Yessir?" He said in a strangely high pitch for his apparent age. The instructor gestured to Ryan with his right hand.

    "Twig here needs to be broken in. You know what to do." He said sternly, walking away.

    "Yessir! Twig, follow." Cawlin said, walking back towards the front of the room.

    "My name isn't twig, it's Ryan. Ryan Stark. Nice to meet you." Ryan said when they stopped. Cawlin hesitated, and took a step back.

    "On the ground, as many push-ups as you can." He said suddenly, and Ryan obeyed. A few minutes later, Ryan had completed sixty push-ups.

    "Up. On the bench. Press as many as you can at one hundred pounds. Two minutes. Go." Cawlin said, getting out a stopwatch. Ryan began, and immediately found that he was weaker than he thought. He had only gotten through ten when Cawlin stopped him. This continued for the next hour, and when he was done, Ryan felt nauseated.

    Ryan arrived in his dorm room a moment later, laying down. He was tired to the bone. Yaphaeral soon walked in, holding a few novels.

    "You went to the library? Sure hope it was more eventful than my day so far... Some older student decided to overwork me in class today..." Ryan said. A wave of lightheadedness passed through him, and Ryan groaned.

    "No. Your day was much more exciting. The library is too quiet." Yaphaeral said. Ryan nodded, then drifted off.
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