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Originally Posted by Livewire View Post
A routine vaccination for polio, small pox, pertussis, diptheria, tetanus, etc, is not morally wrong, it's a standard of basic health that every single industrialized country does to ensure public health. Do you know what Polio did to this country in the early 30's-50's? Whooping Cough? This misguided, selfish notion that "I'm an individual, I can do what I want" line of individual freedom here < public health, and it means you are endangering not only yourself, but your potential children and other people. Most people wouldn't even consider jeopardizing the health of millions because the evil big bad government can tell you what to do.

And what vaccines have 'deadly side effects', exactly? I bet it's only the HPV one.
The HPV vaccine is extremely dangerous, and has a long history of death and destruction.

Originally Posted by Morkula View Post
I hardly think one person not wanting a shot just to say "eff the system" is more important than ensuring the health of the public (all 311 million of us in the US). There are some cases where the safety and well-being of humanity in general outweigh the rights of the individual, sorry to tell you.

By your thoughts, I should have the right to do whatever I choose, just because I should do whatever I want without government interference.
This is just a philosophical disagreement between us. You believe that the rights of the collective should trump the rights of the individual. I believe the opposite.
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