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Originally Posted by LividZephyr View Post
I think the Chicken Pox vaccine was a stupid idea. Why immunize kids from a disease they'd only get once, and wouldn't die from? (It's like one in 10 million, or am I overstating?) Let their immune systems grow by fighting an actual disease.

It's also dangerous to use some vaccines, as they have high risk of actually infecting somebody. I think it should be someone's choice on most of them - but some need to be required. We need to prevent these things from killing us. Let us hope they can eventually do this for cancer...
I don't think they'll do it for cancer. Too much money in that industry. Hopefully I'm just cynical

And I had the chicken pox vaccine. :p It never really went around at my school. So, as I approached the end of my elementary schools years, I was vaccinated because the older you are when it hits you the worse it is. So, why would I want that or why would my parents want that for me?
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