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    “It’s so cold here. Why did we have to travel so far, old man Rowan?” Ruby said as she held her body close as to not freeze. She and Professor Rowan had travelled to Snowpoint City after their encounter at Lake Verity. It was back at that lake that Ruby and Rowan encountered each other. Ruby had just been dropped down on the lakefront by a flock of wild Pidgeots. Once she recognized she had been dropped in a strange place, Ruby immediately dispelled her fear of the unknown and headed toward the lake. It was there at the lake that she saw Professor Rowan being attacked by a group of Starly. “Why are all flying Pokemon in such a big hurry to attack humans these days? I better save that old man with what I’ve learned from my grandfather. Hopefully my after effect won’t kick in!” Ruby said as she focused her aura into a transparent veil that suppressed the wills of the Starly flock and knocked them out. Ruby jumped up and down in celebration over the fact that her technique was super effective. However, before she could continue her celebration, she noticed that she had also knocked out the old man she was trying to save.

    Ruby immediately ran over to him and hoped to revive him. “Hey there, old man! Hey, old man! Wake up!!!” Ruby screamed at the unconscious old man while she shook him violently. The professor soon regained consciousness and pushed Ruby away from him. “What did you just do to me and that flock of Starly?” Professor Rowan asked as he brushed the dirt off his lab coat. “Hey, how about some thanks for saving you from that flock of Starly that just attacked you!” Ruby screamed. Just as she was about to continue screaming, the flock of Starly awoke from being unconscious. Professor Rowan flinched as he feared that they would attack. “Young lady, I think it might be best for us to escape with what little time we have.” Professor Rowan grabbed his briefcase and was preparing to run away, but Ruby threw up her hand and stopped him. “A heroine never turns her back to the enemy, a heroine with scars on her back have no resolve and thus are unfit to be a heroine.” Ruby said as she tightened the scarf around her neck. “That is rule three of my grandfather’s training and I plan to abide by it!” Ruby screamed as she prepared for another oversight attack, but before she could Professor Rowan grabbed her shoulder. “If you have that kind of resolve then you should use one of my Pokemon.” Professor Rowan offered his briefcase to Ruby.

    “Looks like you’ve got some nice resolve of your own, old man. Now who should I choose to be my ally of justice?” Ruby looked down at the Pokeballs and then grabbed the small blue dog’s Pokeball. “Come to the battlefield, my ally, Brave!” Ruby launched the Pokeball between the flock of Starly and from that ball arose the Pokemon, Shinx. The Starly looked at Shinx with some traces of fear from Ruby’s oversight, but still tried to attack her Shinx. “Young lady, here is a Pokedex, use its data to battle with that Shinx you have!” Professor Rowan handed off the Pokedex to Ruby. Ruby then uses the device to find the attacks of her Shinx. From the Pokedex’s information she found that Shinx knew Tackle, Leer, and the strange move Mud-Slap. “Brave use your Leer attack.” Shinx stands in the middle of the flock and uses Leer on all of the Starly in the flock. “There are five Starly in the flock and we have hit all of them, good job Brave! Now Tackle them all down to the ground!” Shinx responds immediately to the commands of its master and hits each Starly with a Tackle attack. Each of the Starlys fell very easily. “I know Starlys aren’t strong, but they shouldn’t have fallen that easily.” Professor Rowan said as he watched Ruby place a gold scarf around Shinx’s neck.

    “My technique from earlier weakened them quite a lot. They got back up to flee, but their rowdy spirits got the best of them and tried to fight us. With Brave’s extra Leer it was a sealed deal.” Ruby said as she placed Shinx back in its Pokeball. “By the way, my name is Ruby Star and I plan to be the hero of this region. What’s your name, old man?” Ruby said as she extended her hand out for a handshake. “My name is Professor Rowan, it’s a pleasure to meet you, Ruby. The idea of you being a hero actually interests me. I’ve been looking for someone like you. Would you like me to tell you about a path that will lead you on to the path of becoming the hero of this region?” “Of course I want to hear about it! Tell me where to go!” “Then we will be heading off to Snowpoint city so that you can board a specific ship.” “Alright then please lead the way, old man Rowan!” With that Ruby and Rowan made their way to Snowpoint city, where Ruby would board named as the S.S. Libra II.

    “I won’t be boarding the ship with you at this time, but I will meet you at its predetermined destination. Be safe and don’t cause any trouble for others.” Professor Rowan gave Ruby her ticket for the S.S. Libra II. Ruby quickly snatched away the ticket from Rowan and ten Pokeballs from his belt and launched her way to the harbor. At the harbor, she prepared to board the S.S. Libra II. She flashed the man her ticket and boards the boat, but not before letting Brave out of its Pokeball. “Here we go, Brave, it’s a brand new adventure from here on out!” Ruby grabbed her sunglasses and covered her eyes. “Please watch me closely and with loving eyes, grandfather.” A tear slipped from Ruby’s face to the floor.
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