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Update #2 on Platinum.
  • Helped Dawn get her Pokedex back, then got the Fly HM for Blitz.
  • Made my way to Pastoria City, then trained some more past it.
  • Took on the gym, and Wake went down easily to Montero and Sea Gal. Season Record: 4-1.
  • Soon afterwards, E.C.S. evolved into Blaziken!
  • Went up north for Cynthia's quest after defeating the Grunt bomber.
  • Grabed the King's Rock in Celestic Town and used it to evolve Sound Wave into Politoed!
  • Beat Cyrus and got the Surf HM for Sound Wave, and we trained a bit on the water routes.
  • Went to Canalave City, beat Joey again, then faced the gym.
  • Byron was swept easily by Sound Wave! Season Record: 5-1.
  • Got Strength but skipped Iron Island for now, and we took care of Saturn and Mars at the lakes.
  • Climbed to the snowy trails and caught our final team member, the Sponsor, Tanzania the Sneasel!
  • Tanzania is one of the partners of the Sounders, and Weavile is an exotic-looking Pokemon.
  • Trained Tanzania up back in Iron Island and then the snowy mountain route to Snowpoint City.
  • Took on Candice, who was taken out easily by E.C.S. Season Record: 6-1.
  • Visited Acuity Lake, then went to solve the Team Galactic problem.
  • First, though, I used the Shiny Stone from Iron Island to evolve Sea Gal into Roserade!
  • Defeated Cyrus in the TG Headquarters, and also found a Razor Claw in his office.
  • After another level, Tanzania evolved into Weavile!
  • Climbed Mt. Coronet and beat Mars and Jupiter with Joey's help (not that I needed it, of course!).
  • Giratina appeared, I jumped into the Distortion World in pursuit, and that's where I am saved.

Team Sigi:

Sound Wave the Modest Politoed, ♂ - L46 @ Mystic Water
Ability: Water Absorb
Moves: Surf, Body Slam, Swagger, Mud Shot

Sea Gal the Bashful Roserade, ♀ - L44 @ Miracle Seed
Ability: Natural Cure
Moves: Petal Dance, Growth, Sludge Bomb, Toxic Spikes

Montero the Impish Hitmontop, ♂ - L45 @ Soft Sand
Ability: Technician
Moves: Rolling Kick, Return, Dig, Fake Out

Blitz the Bashful Skarmory, ♂ - L44 @ Amulet Coin
Ability: Sturdy
Moves: Steel Wing, Spikes, Fly, Rock Smash

E.C.S. the Careful Blaziken, ♂ - L45 @ Fist Plate
Ability: Blaze
Moves: Double Kick, Rock Climb, Blaze Kick, Bulk Up

Tanzania the Adamant Weavile, ♂ - L45 @ NeverMeltIce
Ability: Pressure
Moves: Ice Punch, Strength, Faint Attack, Iron Tail