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    This is just plain stupid !
    I'm not sure what this is really about, capturing Pokemon/animals ? Or the cruelty of letting them battle and fight ? First of all, it's not cruel. Pokemon like to battle, they do it for fun.
    The want to level up.
    But anyway, PETA is beyond stupid ! They have this whole Pokemon = animals perspective.
    Pokemon are monsters actually, not animals. They're just based off animals.

    So what about Geodude,Magemite,Graveler,Voltorb, Electrode,Onix, Steelix,Porygon,Baltoy,Solrock,Magnezone,Klink,vanilite.......and the list goes on.....

    Peta, have you ever built a house ? do you live in a house ? your office ? Isnt that cruel to Geodude and Graveler or Golem, since they are rocks ???
    Have you ever ate an ice cream ? Next time, think about Vanilite.
    Have you ever threw away the trash ? Think of poor little Trubbish.
    You guys focus so much on the reality of Pokemon and that they are animals, but what about the Pokemon that are not animals ? The Pokemon that is based off inanimate objects ?

    Please PETA, get real, Pokemon are pure fiction and not real !!!! [ but everyday I wish they were real ]
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