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    Yi Liang woke up early and have scramble eggs for breakfast.
    Yi Liang's mum:Yi liang,please go buy some fruits please.
    Yi Liang:Okay mum!Charmander let's go!

    In the road Yi Liang saw a wild pikachu and battle it.

    Charmander wait,that pikachu is wierd...
    That pikachu is hurt.
    After yiliang heal the pikachu,he saw Arceus

    Wait is that a pokemon???Yiliang ask...
    It's...It's Arceus!

    Arceus:I chosen you because you like to help people,now go meet up with the other chosen one in Hearthome City.
    Yi Liang:There is others???
    Arceus:Yes,there are another seven trainers.
    Yi Liang:Alright I try to find them,thanks for telling me Arceus.
    Arceus:Now I must find the others,we'll meet again in the future...

    After Yi Liang buy the fruits ang go home,he tell his mother about his journey and his mother accept it.
    Yi Liang:Charmander,lets go find the others and I must go to Hearthome City first I guess.
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