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    The third generation Pokemon designs have often been subject to critcism, due to being of "lower quality" than the generation that came before. What is your opinion on the designs of the third generation Pokemon?
    Since this was the first generation I ever played, I have my rose-tinted nostalgia-lenses aimed directly at many of the designs of these Pokemon. I will admit that there are some designs that I don't like (such as Medicham, Cradily and the Clamperl lines), but there are some that I enjoy, even though others don't (namely the Whismur line).

    I can honestly understand why many people hate third generation Pokemon, with some of the less creative Pokemon (Swalot and Wurmple), and the trend of adding more and more legendaries (plus the over design of the patterns on the Weather Trio) that followed this generation, but I don't think that this generation was really like any other - a mixed bag of bad, good and mediocre.