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    Originally Posted by Iloveeevee View Post
    Your username: Iloveeevee
    Your Companions: Diddy Kong & Pink Yoshi
    Favorite Mario Game: Super Mario World for the SNES
    Yes I know that game is old but I still spend hours playing it and beating it over and over. It's so enjoyable to me that the game can never get old, even after the 20th playthrough.
    Originally Posted by Leaf Storm View Post
    Your username: Leaf Storm
    Your Companions: Princess Rosalina, Toad, & Green Yoshi
    Favorite Mario Game: My favorite game is Super Mario World! Oh, I always loved this game since I was a little girl! Since that day I can't stop beating it, and everytime I beat it, I want to play a new playthrough again. I love how the levels are challenging and the boss fights are harder to beat. xP
    Welcome both of you! So two Super Mario World lovers here huh? Super Mario World 3 would probably tie that game for me, but for myself, I'm choosing the Mario Kart series as my favorite. Mario Kart: Double Dash, Wii & 7 for sure. Honorable mention definitely goes toward NSMBW (New Super Mario Bros Wii) just because when you have another player or 3, it is amazingly always entertaining that you just cannot get tired of! In fact, I should had thought about buying this game rather than Mario Party 9 when I was in store. Maybe next time I buy a game I'll for sure get this one, but there's Galaxy 2 also....tough decision when the time comes x)

    Originally Posted by yiliang99 View Post
    Your username:yiliang99
    Your Companions: Rainbow Mario,Rainbow Lulgi,Yoshi
    Favorite Mario Game:Mario kart,mario phartners in time
    Welcome! I take it you love playing Super Mario Galaxy huh? @Rainbow Mario & Luigi x) Which of the two Galaxy games do you like better? Seems like the 2nd one beats the first in ratings. How do you feel about that? Do you think there will be a 3rd for a trilogy?

    I understand why Mario Kart, as a diehard NASCAR fan, racing has always been in my blood so I'm thankful the Mario series does this! Which of the Mario Kart series do you like best? The Mario & Luigi saga, I never really played those. I want to though. I need to! x)

    So question time now there are members...
    Do you prefer the classic Mario games or the modern, 3D platformed(64-Wii)?