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I've always wondered what would happen if we were to force someone that thinks IE is the worst browser to use IE10 on Windows 8 for a week. The Next Web, if I remember correctly, had exactly one experiment that is similar - give up Chrome and use IE9 for a week.

I think for Internet Explorer to save its reputation, or whatever there is left of it, it needs to pull an - drop the old name and interface entirely. Maybe that is what they need to get their rep out of the gutter. It's kind of sad to see something that used to be good become bad, and then having a very hard time to redeem itself.

On the topic itself, after trying out Google Chrome on my newly-bought dual-core tablet... Well, throw in Google Chrome into "slow browsers". Really, mobile IE9 is faster... on just one core. Hope Jelly Bean smooths the kinks out.

*rant over*
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