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Oh my Glob. I cannot believe I didn't see this sooner.

Name Laugh, but you can call me Hannah.
Partner Pokemon White Kyurem
Why you want to join I obviously love, love, love white Kyurem, but I prefer to call him Reshiram. The fact that he's a legendary Pokemon is a huge plus, and he has strong moves. What made me like Reshiram is because he's white, and that certainly captured my attention.
How active will you be I'll be active, defs. I won't miss a single day.

For the first topic, I prefer the white Kyurem, or as I said, Reshiram, mainly because he's white. I'm not fond of dark colors. As for power, I don't have Black or White, so I'll leave it there.

And for the second topic, I don't really have an opinion for that. Maybe we can do a pixel art contest and see who's best at making Reshiram or Zekrom from scratch, or maybe a writing contest, and see who can make the best fan fic about the two. Idk.

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