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I like the idea of this thread, so I guess it won't hurt to post.
Game started at 10/13/12

Trainer Name: Nathan
Pignite (Xhao) lvl 19
Riolu (Darius) lvl 18
Growlithe (Buster) lvl 18
(I know that my team is quite bad because of them having same types. I kept catching things without thinking xD)

Started the game.
Picked Tepig.
Saw Alder jumping off cliffs twice without breaking bones (lol it was awesome)
Caught Riolu at lvl 7 in Floccesy Ranch
Defeated Cheren, grabbing my first gym badge.
Caught Growlithe at lvl 13 in Virbank Complex
Defeated Roxie, grabbing my second gym badge.
Sailed to Castelia City. Thanks Papa Roxie!

To be continued...