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Originally Posted by Toujours View Post
Pretty much this. I'm obsessed with alfredo and usually it's fettucine that goes with it, which I love too. I don't really understand pasta preferences though - don't they all taste the same, just different shapes? I guess the easier for me to eat are the tube ones. Penne?
It's a texture thing. I prefer ribbon-cut noodles (they're flat) over "the tubes" or other decorative shapes.

Now a funny a hybrid is bucatini. It's a long tubed noodle with a very narrow hole down the middle. Sauce latches onto that like wow.

And pasta itself can taste different depending on how it is made. Fresh VS dry. Egg-based, wheat-based, tomato-based, spinach-based, chestnut-based, etc. And then al dente comes into play as well.

Pasta is a vessel, but cultures approach it in different ways. The "American" way would be to cook some pasta of some shape and then lump a bunch of sauce over top. The Italian way is to finish the pasta in the sauce - what ends up on the plate is mostly pasta, not sauce. Different balance
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