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Originally Posted by Shiny Celebi View Post
Think about this for a minute, do you really want to be that one person who dosent get vaccinated and contracts a horrible disease? I really think that getting an illness like Polio would be pretty devestating, as it was for many people before the vaccine existed. You may not agree with laws that make people do things, but sometimes, people do need to be protected from themselves. Sometimes, given the choice, people dont exactly make smart choices.The vaccines we are given protect people, not just you, but everyone. Do you want to give a person an awful disease? I personally wouldnt, so yes, I'll take the vaccines if it keeps me healthy even though I dont like getting shots. We dont want any more outbreaks of these diseases.
The thing is that people don't understand logically the risks if any significant portion of the population did what they plan on doing. Because as of now, if someone is homeschooled and doesn't get a vaccine, they're still pretty protected from the diseases that we vaccinate for. Why? Herd immunity. Everyone around them is vaccinated, so they have no chance to be exposed to the disease since no one around them ever has it, so they're safe. So to people that want vaccinations to be 100% optional no matter what, they see themselves as safe because "these diseases aren't a thing anymore".

What they don't understand is the logical sequence that if 30% of the population chooses to not get vaccinated for a deadly, contagious disease, and then someone gets it, they're far more likely to get it. And then we're suddenly a barbaric country where we have vaccines for basic diseases but somehow still get epidemics of them regularly.

The people that made the immunization requirements the way they are made them with the knowledge of the danger behind these diseases.

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