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    Had an opponent use Disable on me, and it ended after a single turn.
    Swoobat used Heart Stamp! Muk used Disable. Swoobat's Heart Stamp is disabled!
    Swoobat used Calm Mind. Muk used Sludge Bomb. Swoobat is disabled no more!
    Generation III

    Same as before, but Disable lasts 4-7 turns.
    Confirmed the following for Petal Dance, so I expect Outrage and Thrash are the same.
    Meganium used Petal Dance! Opponent is KO'd!

    Trainer is about to send in _____. Would you like to switch?
    Normally, the user cannot switch Pokemon when locked into a move like that, even by the Shift method. I'm afraid Bulbapedia only says this:
    Once selected, even if it misses, the user will only be able to use Petal Dance, and will not be able to switch out.
    I do know from the competitive scene however. I realise anecdotal evidence is not preferable, but it's actually a rather critical competitive element- sacrificing one Pokemon if they use Outrage so you can bring in a steel type for a safe set up, and being that they're locked into the move, there's not much they can do...

    But bleh.
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