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    @Vato, I have a suggestion? But of course this could be suggested much, MUCH later in the story? I just thought of that in every Pokemon game, there is the hero/ine then the Rival. I was thinking that we do like a roulette sorta thing to determine which one of us Role-Players could play as one of these trainers? Like there's Red, Blue, Gold(Ethan), Silver, Crystal(Lyra), Ruby(Brendan), Sapphire(May), Diamond(Lucas), Pearl(Barry), Platinum(Dawn), Black(Hilbert), White(Hilda), then Cheren and Bianca (if they count).

    Like I would think it would be interesting if like we could play as one of these characters, 'cause it's only natural that Lucas, Barry and Dawn are there because of the Team Galactic scenario. And in all fairness, it's only natural these guys are called upon first. Only much later in the story. It's cool if not, it's just a suggestion that popped into my head :3
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