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    Originally Posted by F1refly View Post
    Let's think of the Ark of the covenant from a scientific view (Oops, just realised that I forgot to call it the Ark of the Covenant. Sorry, I just call it the ark and call the boat ark the Giant Boat that Saved Mankind and Animals and stuff). According to the Bible, any who ventured to close to it or opened the box died. It is possible in my mind, that the death people suffered could have been due to some sort of radiation. Wether it was merely a glowing rock that people found and though "Ooh, purty stone" or a Artifact from some bygone race that used nuclear power, we don't know yet. Who knows, maybe God was the King of Atlantis and possesed the power to Create and Destroy? I'm sounding more like one of those guys in the Tabloids

    My opinion on the Great Flood is that it could have been a massive Tsunami of Humanity Destroying Proportions.
    Oh. You were talking about the Ark of the Covenant? That makes more sense .
    I suppose, from a POV aside from Christianity that makes sense. Although, something that emitted radiation wouldn't kill instantly, and if it had that powerful radiation a curtain won't protect the priests, would it? But I think it sounds cool. And also, it wasn't ventured close, I'm sure it was touched. People had to move it, and they used sticks to hoist it up without touching it. it had these holes or something to put sticks through and so carry it. But I wonder, what else do you think it could be? I seriously can't think of anything. Poison like the poison dart frog?